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Spare thoughts

Readers comment on the quality issues of the Volkswagen Passat I reviewed last week as well as Volkswagens in general. “Former models of the Passat were engineering and reliability nightmares. Wonder if this will be more of the same?”

Motor City Today: Prank targets GM competitors with Web bug

When computers using a wireless network at GM’s headquarters accessed Web pages mentioning rivals such as Chrysler or Ford, an unauthorized program inserted the word “sucks” after any references to those companies.

Cadillac aims XTS at luxury import owners

It is a small niche, but an important one for Cadillac as it prepares to launch the XTS sedan. The industry calls it the ‘black car’ business.

IndyCar returns to Detroit for 2012

The Izod IndyCar Series is set to return to Detroit June 1-3, 2012, to race the 2.1-mile Belle Isle circuit, Chevrolet said today. The Motor City is back on the IndyCar schedule for the first time in four years.

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