Minority Business Enterprise

PSMI(A EWIE Group of Companies)

Production Services Management, Inc.

Diversity At PSMI

As a certified minority business enterprise (MBE), our global team at PSMI knows first-hand the importance, value and benefits of diverse perspectives when working to achieve our goals. We live these values and practice these principles every day. The dynamic global view, insights, perspectives and the diversity of our employees, leadership team and suppliers create a unique competitive advantage for PSMI.

Year after year, PSMI outperforms the industry goal of 8% spend with MBEs. In 2016, PSMI achieved 13.2% spend with MBEs. Our approach is simple and effective – we treat all of our suppliers as business partners. This approach means that we are in this together. We succeed together … or we fail together. At PSMI, we like challenges, but we do not like to fail. We expect to win.

PSMI’s major manufacturing customers have recognized and rewarded our ability to maintain excellence in our portion of the supply chain. Our customers have come to depend on our ability to deliver great results and wins while mentoring diverse business partners along the way.

PSMI president Jay Mullick states,

Diversity, excellence and exceeding expectations are at the heart of the PSMI success story. I was extremely fortunate to be mentored by the late Dilip Mullick – a giant in the manufacturing sector. It is important to me personally to continue his legacy of cultivating, mentoring, guiding, coaching and leading employees and suppliers to success in manufacturing. It gives me immense satisfaction to see PSMI employees and suppliers grow into experts and leaders in their fields while making valuable contributions to their loved ones, communities and society as a whole. We are all connected in one way or another. Connecting in the way that Dilip did throughout his career and lifetime will ensure a more positive and fulfilling future for all of us.

Statement on the PSMI Commitment to Diversity

PSMI commits to creating a healthy, sustainable and robust environment for all employees and suppliers to succeed. The PSMI approach to diversity shall follow our tradition of not only meeting expectations – but exceeding them. PSMI will maintain and grow its position as a global leader in diversity, opportunity and excellence.

Mission, Strategy and Objectives

Promoting an environment for diversity and excellence to thrive requires a strong commitment to our values and a robust proactive strategy. The mission of the Diversity at PSMI Program is to achieve community and economic impact by including diverse employees and suppliers who strive for excellence throughout our global operation.

The Diversity at PSMI Team commits to:

  • Creating and maintaining a healthy, sustainable and robust environment for all employees and suppliers to succeed.
  • Increasing participation of diverse business enterprises throughout our supply chain.
  • Setting, achieving and having the expectation of exceeding annual diverse spend targets.
  • Using advanced analytics to conduct benchmarking and continuous improvement.
  • Developing and maintaining open and constructive communication channels throughout the PSMI operation as well as among the members of our supplier community.
  • Actively participating in, sponsoring and supporting diversity conferences, events, educational initiatives and industry organizations.
  • Encouraging diversity, excellence, a culture of hard work and world-class training of employees and suppliers at every level of PSMI’s global operation.
  • Creating opportunities, incentives and rewards for employees and suppliers who exceed expectations.
  • Setting a positive example as a global leader in diversity and excellence for other industry colleagues and enterprises to follow.