Minority Business Enterprise

PSMI(A EWIE Group of Companies)

Production Services Management, Inc.


PSMI provides a number of services that help manage manufacturing facility operations, reduce overall operating costs, and increase revenue opportunity by increasing manufacturing output.

Tooling and Abrasives Management Solutions

PSMI is one of the largest tool management companies. Our tool management device has won numerous awards and is currently deployed in manufacturing facilities globally from the United States to Mexico, and from Canada to India. We have helped our customers generate millions of dollars in cost savings while increasing throughput and quality… Learn More »

Gage Management Solutions

This service helps customers improve quality and production systems while reducing operating costs. We also help our clients conform to ISO and TS quality standards. Our gage engineers are committed to helping implement and maintain a world-class quality system. This service is deployed at most of our customer locations… Learn More »

General MRO Supply Solutions

To create savings for our customers, our solutions focus on integrating systems and programs that will help optimize your company’s processes… Learn More »

Integrated Supply Management for MRO Items

PSMI provides a comprehensive integrated supply management program for MRO (Maintenance Repair and Operating) items. This program strives to extract value at each stage of the MRO life cycle… Learn More »

Quality and Measurement Management Services

These services provide our customers access to highly skilled technicians and quality systems and processes. Some of the services provided under this program are… Learn More »