Minority Business Enterprise

PSMI(A EWIE Group of Companies)

Production Services Management, Inc.

Tooling and Abrasives Management Solutions

PSMI is one of the largest tool management companies. Our tool management solution has won numerous awards and is currently deployed in manufacturing facilities globally from the United States to Mexico, and from Canada to India. We have helped our customers generate millions of dollars in cost savings while increasing throughput and quality.

Tool Management Services

Tool Presetting Service

PSMI provides Tool Presetting services for a number of our customers. We’ve trained a staff of tool pre-setters and can preset tools on a number of platforms from Zoller to Kelch. We deploy this service in a manner that allows our customers to derive the maximum value from their cutting tool investments. This service includes:

  • Breakdown and failure analysis of dull/broken/used tools
  • Presetting of tool assemblies
  • Float management of tool assemblies based on tool life to insure each tool
  • Assemblies available as needed
  • Management of tool regrind program
  • Optimization of tool usage (i.e. inspection to utilize all corners of an insert, reuse screws and other hardware as often as possible)

Tool Technical Support Service

PSMI’s technical support services reduce cutting and tool spending, and increase throughput and quality for customers. This service has the following attributes:

Plan for Every Part:

We start with developing a Plan For Every Part (PFEP). In this document, every plant operation, tool, theoretical tool life, feeds, speeds, and all other operational variables are documented. This data is fed into PSMI’s proprietary algorithm that generates a predictive model for tool spending and inventory needs based on production volumes. These models are then utilized by our customers to set tooling budgets.

Tool Sufficiency Plans and Cost Savings Deployment:

Our engineers perform a full analysis of customer operations and identify high-cost areas, bottleneck operations, and areas that might be a quality concern. All areas that have an opportunity for improvement are logged into a PSMI web-enabled database. These opportunities are reviewed with the client and prioritized for testing. Upon customer approval the new processes are implemented and cost savings are generated.

Daily process troubleshooting:

Our engineers also help customers troubleshoot day-to-day manufacturing issues related to cutting tools. These could be related to cycle time improvements, root cause analysis for early tool pulls, throughput issues, or quality concerns.